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Who is behind this?


I'm Sarah, an American student in Washington, D.C. with a minor in Japanese. That should be a normal thing to say, but for some reason, I usually get a strange face and something around the equivalent of the word "Why"? Despite going through this a few hundred times, I still experience  the original shock value. I think it's important for us in the west to learn more about other cultures like our foreign counterparts who seem to be completely excited to learn about us. That's why I chose to write about art. Art emphasizes the similarities that we all share in life. There are no language barriers. My goal is to create an affordable, reasonable sized encyclopedia, aimed especially towards my age group, that will promote a fun understanding of Japanese culture. It will be called The Art of Japan: A Pictorial Encyclopedia.

The Art of Japan



What will the book feature?

The Encyclopedia will not only cover the works of historic greats like Utagawa Kunisada, Kawanabe Kyōsai, and Utagawa Toyokuni, but will also include lesser known artists like Yoshiteru Otani that produce anime and manga.

I have been working on the Chapter Drafts for the past three months.


Chapters will include:

- The Influence of Japanese Art on the World
- Aspects of Historic Japanese Art in Anime, Giclee, and Manga
- Samurai & War in Japanese Art
- Technique
- Foreign Influences on Japanese Art
- Japanese Wood Block Prints
- And Author Biographies



The Art of Japan Encyclopedia



How will it be published?


The Encyclopedia will be published independently using's  CreateSpace self-publishing platform. This will allow it to be available internationally at as well as "brick and mortar" bookstores. By self-publishing, I will be able to cut the costs of the book production to make it more affordable. It will be authored under my pseudonym Author Jinn which is a combination of the English word "author" and the Japanese word for "person". The deadline for the first draft is December 20, 2013 and the final product has an expected completion date of June 2014.


 The Art of Japan Encyclopedia



How will my donation be used?


Your donation of $1 or more will help to offset the transportation costs, licensing fees, museum admission fees, and translation fees needed to fulfill this project. Your donation will not only support the preservation of history and promote education, but you will also receive these Thank You Gifts:

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How can I donate?


Your kind donation can be placed through Paypal or Indiegogo.


I have no money! How can I help?

I appreciate all forms of assistance. You can send suggestions to me at the Encyclopedia's website at You can also help by spreading the word to others on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter by using the hastag #TheArtofJapan.